Book review “kids these days” – Dr. Jody Carrington

A few months ago one of my dearest friends from Alberta, Cam, told me I needed to look up Dr. Jody Carrington.  Cam told me I needed to watch Dr. Carrington’s video, that I would not regret it. She was right. That night I watched Dr. Jody’s live video and I’ve tuned in to most Sunday night lives since. When this book went on presale I couldn’t type in my payment information fast enough. I’ve since read it twice. Each time not being able to consume quick enough.

At first it’s easy to judge a book by its cover and think this book isn’t for you because you’re not an educator or don’t work in some aspect in Education. I find myself quoting this book on a regular basis in daily conversations in regard to children in my life, and people in my life in general.  Although yes, Dr. Carrington does promote her amazing program this book is relatable for just about anyone. I was not raised in traumatic environment but I found myself relating to it in ways of growing and changing in my personal life. As a mother this book really gave me delicious bites of importance in the power of connection, foundation and proximity. Dr. Jody is extremely, extremely, brilliant in the realm of child development, and child healing processes but this book is so much more than that.

As a mother reading this book made me re think the way I approach and think I should be raising my children. Remembering daily to take off my amour and be conscious of the fact we don’t necessarily need more space in order to be happy within our family. That proximity and a small home may be my own children’s advantage in terms of children these days.

Throughout this book you will be hit with truth bombs, things that will make you read it, and re read and re read piece by pieec so you can really let the message sink in. Some of these truth bombs are simple shifts in the way we think and the tone we use when we speak to ourselves. To remember to take ourselves, the change makers, as important pieces of each child’s life. The things I really liked were the direct quotes from other change makers, from psychologists and theorists who are experts in the field of child development. Not only does she quote and refer to books she’s found helpful in this realm she includes a list of beneficial resources she’s used throughout her book in the end pages of her book.

Dr. Jody keeps it real. I can hear her narrating this book in my head each time I’ve read it. The bolded words and quotes made sure you knew the key components of what she was trying to get across to the reader. At the end of each chapter there is a game plan highlight reel. This basically summarizes and reiterates the key learning pieces in each chapter. I found these especially helpful because it really helped me bite in to each key piece and digest it piece by piece. There are so many exceptional quotes, acronyms, words to live by throughout this book I caught myself saying what a great idea for a tattoo, especially her acronym for the step by step plan to have each member of your team be a part of.

Follow Dr. Jody Carrington on Facebook and Instagram if you’re not already. She’s currently travelling all over Western Canada spreading her message and amping up educators to really know the power of the magic they hold. I’ve been crossing my fingers and toes it won’t be too much longer before she comes East to speak. Her book is available online via her website and in Chapters stores in Alberta. I’ve messaged her team and it is there hope that they’ll be distributing across Canada soon as well. If you can’t wait for that grab a couple friends who you can split shipping with.

Dr. Jody Carrington is-equal parts factual, relatable and honest. She gives all the research based facts in a simplistic enough way that you can clearly relate to the message while also learning beneficial information. She gives it to you straight. If you were a kid, you have kids or work with kids this book is for you.

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